Dodgers’ Draft Day

Assuming that none of the top players fall in tomorrow’s draft, I’d like to see the Dodgers draft CA high school RHP, Gerrit Cole with the #15 pick in the 1st round. Cole has a large frame and a 97 mph fastball to go with it. He projects as a top-of-the-rotation starter and could turn out to be a right-handed version of Clayton Kershaw. However, the fact that GM Ned Colletti‘s arch-nemesis, snakeoil salesman, Scott Boras is Cole’s agent may make that unlikely. Hopefully Ned will drop his grudge and do what’s best for the team in this case. Cole would be a perfect pick for the team and would give us what could be another elite starter in our rotation one day down the road. He’s a native Southern Californian (from Orange County) and has committed to pitch for UCLA…which may actually scare a few teams off (though I don’t see why since he’d be pitching in the minors anyway)…if Boras doesn’t scare them off first. For my money, he’s the perfect pick as far as pitchers are concerned (assuming none of the top ranked players fall, of course). 

As far as position players are concerned, I’d like to see them take Cal 1B, David Cooper, if they feel he can play a corner OF position and decide to address their needs offensively. A future OF consisting of Andre Ethier in LF, Matt Kemp in CF and Cooper in RF would be pretty formidable at the plate. However, if the team doesn’t feel like Cooper can make the switch, they should take a look at Chino Hills HS’s Zach Collier, Arizona State’s Ike Davis, Los Osos HS’s Isaac Galloway or even Miami’s Dennis Raben. I’d love to see them land Chicago White Sox LHP, John Danks‘s younger brother, Texas OF, Jordan Danks in the 2nd or 3rd round. If the team doesn’t feel confident in Kemp’s ability to play center, they could take Miami’s Blake Tekotte in the 2nd or 3rd round as well.