Trade Rumors

-Greg Maddux, RHP

San Diego Padres
Teams Interested: Reds, Angels? 
*Word out of San Diego had the Pads considering sending future Hall of Famer, Greg Maddux, to the Cincinnati Reds for prospects. However, Maddux has stated that he would only accept a trade to a “contender”, preferably on the West Coast. The Reds have gotten better but they aren’t quite a contender just yet…and are pretty far from the West Coast. Nonetheless, expect the Padres to continue looking at trade scenarios involving Maddux. 
Bill Hall, 3B
Milwaukee Brewers
Teams Interested: ?
*Ever since the Brewers promoted lefty 3B, Russell Branyan, righty 3B, Bill Hall, has wanted out. Even though he’s hitting around .200, Hall thinks he should be an everyday starter and has asked the team to trade him if they do not intend to play him everyday. It’s pretty clear that unless he starts making more contact, he probably won’t be getting his wish. Teams are hesitant to take on his salary if he continues to hit like he has been. Power hasn’t been a problem for him so he might be an option for a team that is power starved. That leads us to the Dodgers. However, I really don’t think he’s being looked at in that respect due to the fact that rookie 3B, Blake DeWitt, has been out-producing him. 
Kevin Millwood, RHP
Texas Rangers
Teams Interested: Braves
*The Braves have reportedly been inquiring into the availability of Rangers’ #1 starter (and former Brave), Kevin Millwood. At this point, it doesn’t look like the Rangers are interested in dealing him but that may change if the team starts dropping more games. Millwood is owed about $25 million over the next two seasons so a deal would seem unlikely unless the Rangers are willing to eat salary. The Braves on the other hand seem more likely to build towards the future if they continue to fall in the standings. This is purely speculation but if he is made available, I’d imagine there’d be more than one team in on it…possibly the Dodgers? 
Vicente Padilla, RHP
Texas Rangers
Teams Interested: ?
*As opposed to Millwood, the Rangers appear to be actively shopping starting pitcher, Vicente Padilla. Like Millwood, he too is owed around $25 million over the next two seasons. Over the past several seasons, Padilla has dealt with inconsistency and injuries which would seem to make a deal unlikely, unless the Rangers decided to eat some of the salary, of course. As the trade deadline approaches, contending teams in need of a starter may step up and make an offer but which team that may be is yet to be seen. 
-Zack Greinke, RHP
Kansas City Royals
Teams Interested: Everyone
*The latest rumor out of KC has the team listening to offers for ace, Zack Greinke. At only 24 years old, he’s sure to draw a ton of interested from contenders and pretenders alike…not to mention the affordable contract. Royals management has stated that they’d have to be “blown away” by an offer to deal him. If he keeps pitching like he has been, that offer might just come along. The price would surely be frightening for any team to think about but Greinke could be the arm to put whatever team acquires him over the top. 
-Brian Fuentes, LHP
Colorado Rockies
Teams Interested: Yankees
*Now that former setup man, Joba Chamberlain, is now in the starting rotation for the Yankees, they’ve been rumored to be seeking a high-end replacement to take his spot in the bullpen. Lefty Brian Fuentes, who is currently closing for the Colorado Rockies, could be an option. The Yanks have been interested in him for some time now and unless the Rockies start to turn things around, there just might be a firesale in Denver. If that happens, expect Fuentes to be one of the first players dealt. 
-Matt Holliday, OF
Colorado Rockies
Teams Interested: Big Spenders
*If and when the Rockies decide to put superstar OF, Matt Holliday, on the trading block, they’re sure to draw a ton of interest from teams who can afford him. As long as the Rockies keep losing, the rumors will not go away. The only real roadblock to a trade is the fact that Rockies management loves the guy and would have to desperate to trade him. Afterall, it was just last season that he took the team to their first World Series. One would think that a Holliday deal would be the last thing the team is thinking about but the truth is, they may not be able to afford him when he becomes a free agent. Mega-agent, Scott Boras, is his agent and has made it clear that Holliday will not accept a “hometown discount”. It may ultimately be one of those situations in which they won’t get anything for him if they don’t trade him this year. 
Aaron Cook, RHP
Colorado Rockies
Teams Interested: ?
*The Rockies’ current ace, RHP Aaron Cook, is being shopped around by the team who are looking to unload his 4 year, $35 million contract. As of now there hasn’t been a whole lot of interest but if he continues to pitch like he has been that will be sure to change as we get closer to the trade deadline and contending teams’ needs start to become more clear. 
CC Sabathia, LHP
Cleveland Indians
Teams Interested: Big Spenders
*It was reported earlier in the week that the Indians have been scouting prospects around the league just in case they trade ace, Cy Young winning, lefty, CC Sabathia. Undoubtedly, if Sabathia is dealt, he’ll be looking for a long-term extension from whichever team pulls the trigger which takes a lot of possible suitors off the board. You can bet that the Yankees will be looking at him (and probably already are). Any team that has money (and prospects) to throw around and is in need of an ace lefty will be looking. They will be plenty of bidders which will only help to drive up the price for the Indians. 
Livan Hernandez, RHP
Minnesota Twins
Teams Interested: Astros, Braves, Phillies, Yankees? 
*Twins RHP, Livan Hernandez is on the block and there are plenty of contending teams with interest (reportedly). His contract is palatable for most teams when you factor in the current pitcher’s market and he has plenty of post season experience. The Twins are obviously in the midst of “rebuilding mode” and will take all of the quality young players they can get. 
-Aaron Heilman, RHP
New York Mets
Teams Interested: Dodgers, Phillies, Pirates, White Sox, Yankees
*The Mets have been shopping relief pitcher, Aaron Heilman, and it is believed that both contending teams in need of bullpen help and non-contending teams in need of a starter are taking a look at him. In return, the Mets want a relief pitcher who can take over Heilman’s spot. They likely won’t get anyone better than Heilman so they’ll probably have to take a prospect if they really want to deal him.