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Gnaeus Pompey Magnus was a distinguished
military and political leader of the late Roman Republic.
Hailing from an Italian provincial background, after military
triumphs he established a place for himself in the ranks of
Roman nobility, and was given the cognomen of Magnus—the
Great—by Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Pompey was a rival of Marcus
Licinius Crassus and an ally to Gaius Julius Caesar. The
three politicians dominated the Late Roman republic through a
political alliance called the First Triumvirate. After the
death of Crassus, Pompey and Caesar became rivals, disputing
the leadership of the Roman state in what is now called
Caesar’s civil war. Pompey fought on the side of the
Optimates, the conservative faction in the Roman Senate,
until he was defeated by Caesar. He then sought refuge in
Egypt, where he was assassinated.


Governing, Conquesting, Triumvirating,
Civil Warring…