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MLB Power Rankings

As of Mon. morning May 12th

———-Power Rankings by Team Record
-Tiebreakers decided by *Division Leader or ^best home record
1. Boston Red Sox: 24-16
2. Florida Marlins: 23-14
3. Arizona Diamondbacks: 23-15
4. St. Louis Cardinals^*: 23-16
5. Oakland Athletics: 23-16
6. Chicago Cubs: 22-16
7. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 22-17
8. Tampa Bay Rays: 21-16
9. Houston Astros: 21-17
10. Philadelphia Phillies: 21-18
11. New York Mets: 19-16
12. Minnesota Twins: 19-17
13. Atlanta Braves^: 19-18
14. Los Angeles Dodgers: 19-18
15. Cleveland Indians: 19-18
16. Baltimore Orioles^: 19-19
17. New York Yankees: 19-19
18. Chicago White Sox: 18-18
19. Milwaukee Brewers: 18-19
20. Pittsburgh Pirates: 18-20
21. Texas Rangers: 18-21
22. Toronto Blue Jays: 17-22
23. Kansas City Royals: 16-21
24. San Francisco Giants^: 16-22
25. Detroit Tigers: 16-22
26. Washington Nationals^: 15-23
27. Cincinnati Reds: 15-23
28. Colorado Rockies: 15-23
29. Seattle Mariners: 15-24
30. San Diego Padres: 14-24
———-My Power Rankings by Opinion (as things stand now)
1. Boston Red Sox
Obviously. They are the defending champs and are playing the best baseball right now. 
2. Arizona Diamondbacks
This young team has slowed down a little bit ever since they exploded out of the gate but their pitching is strong enough to carry them thru any slumps their young hitters may experience. When the young guys do get it going, this is one scary team. 
3. Chicago Cubs
Ten years ago these rankings would’ve seemed like the Twilight Zone with the cursed Red Sox at #1 and the even more cursed Cubs at #3. It true. The Red Sox have already shaken the curse so why can’t the Cubs? All the pieces are their for them to go all the way. They have a strong pitching staff headed by Carlos Zambrano, an excellent bullpen headed by closer Kerry Wood and setup man Carlos Marmol and they have one of the best lineups in baseball headed by 1B Derrek Lee and LF Alfonso Soriano. Now, all they need to do is reverse about 100 years of losing tradition and they’ll be fine. 
4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Many thought that the Angels would literally be hurting this season after their top two pitchers from last season, John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar, went down with injuries in spring training. Not to worry. In step Ervin Santana and Joe Saunders. It’s been a big surprise for just about everyone, including the two new aces as well. Santana completely disappeared last year and was eventually sent to the minor leagues because he pitched so poorly. Saunders has never been viewed by scouts or the team as a front line starter and has always been labeled as a 5th starter. He doesn’t strike batters out or have overpowering stuff but has been crafty thus far into the season. We’ll see if they can maintain their current level of production. Lackey should be back in a few weeks but it doesn’t look like Escobar’s coming back anytime soon so the team will need to continue to get big time production out of at least one of them going forward. 
6. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phils have a great lineup and better than average pitching. Brad Lidge has proven to be an excellent offseason acquisition and has been lights-out in the closer’s role. Chase Utley is playing like an MVP and Eric Bruntlett has stepped in nicely for the former MVP Jimmy Rollins after he was sidelined with an injury. As of now they’re in 3rd place in their division but Ryan Howard hasn’t started to hit yet. Once he gets it going the Phils will be even better. Brett Myers will pitch better as well as the season goes on so look for the Phillies to make a run in the standings at some point down the line. 
7. New York Yankees
Never count out the Yankees. Their lineup is just too powerful to write off. A-Rod has been out with an injury and highly touted rookies Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy failed miserably in their starting roles to start the season. It looked pretty bleak for them but then guys like Mike Mussina and Darrell Rasner stepped up for them. We’ll see if that can last but this is not the first time the Yankees have squeezed good pitching out of overachieving vets. Names like Aaron Small, Esteban Loaiza and Shawn Chacon come to mind. No matter who is throwing the ball, their offense will always keep them in the game. A-Rod is injured at the moment and the latest report has him out for another week but there’s little doubt that he will hit when he gets back. Obviously offense is not a problem. It’s the pitching that you’ll have to keep an eye on. 
8. Los Angeles Dodgers
After a slow start to the season, the Dodgers started to heat up winning 10 out 12 games but ever since Rafael Furcal went down, they’ve been having more trouble than usual putting runs on the board. As opposed to the Yankees, the Dodgers have fairly steady pitching but unreliable hitting, at best. Matt Kemp seems to be their biggest offensive threat along with Russell Martin, James Loney and Andre Ethier but they are all still very young and their play can be inconsistent. Word on the streets is the team is going to callup top prospect Clayton Kershaw on May 16th or 17th to assume the 5th starter’s role in the rotation. He’s about as sure of a thing as you can get when talking about young pitchers. To give you an idea of just how good he is, many scouts rate him ahead of Yankee’s phenom, Joba Chamberlain and think he will make a similar impact on the team whenever he gets the call to the majors. Add a weapon like that to an already formidable pitching staff and it’s going to be hard to score runs on a team like that. 
9. Cleveland Indians
Some had pick the Indians to go to the World Series when the season started but they faltered badly out of the gate. Luckily, they weren’t quite as bad as their division rival Detroit Tigers, but like Detroit, their offense was stagnant for the first few weeks of the season. However, their pitching staff was one of the best in the league. In all honesty, I had major doubts about this staff coming into this season. Could Carmona continue his success or would he revert back to the way he pitched in his rookie season as a reliever? Would Jake Westbrook ever live up to his billing and pitch like he was capable of? Could Cliff Lee fix whatever problems caused him to spend the end of last season in the minors or would he still be serving up meatballs? Would the team continue to rely on a closer who is more likely to post a 7.00 ERA than a 2.00 ERA in Joe Borowski? Could Rafael Betancourt possibly pitch as well as he did last year? etc…, etc… Anyway, you can see why I had some misgivings about this staff. However, all the questions were answered early on. While not Cy Young-caliber, Carmona has pitched well so far, Westbrook was extremely impressive before he got hurt, Cliff Lee is the AL Cy Young favorite so far, Borowski got hurt and was replaced, Betancourt is the new closer, etc.., etc.. Everyone knows that this offense will eventually come around because guys like Grady Sizemore, Travis Hafner, Ryan Garko and Asdrubal Cabrera can’t slump forever. Regardless of the slow offensive start, this team is looking much better than I expected. I really like their chances for the post season. 
10. Oakland Athletics
If you ask most baseball fans who has been the most surprising AL team this season, most of them will probably tell you that it’s the Oakland A’s. After trading away all of their star players (or losing them to f
ree agency) the A’s reloaded on prospects and appeared to be in the midst of the ever so feared “rebuilding mode” but that has been far from the case so far. They just managed to wrestle 1st place in the AL West away from the Angels and are really playing well as a team. Young pitchers like Dana Eveland, Greg Smith and converted reliever Justin Duchscherer have been pitching like all-stars. Their bullpen has been one of the best in the league with arms like Santiago Casilla and Huston Street to call upon late in games and all of these wins have come in spite of their offense. There’s no guarantee that guys like Daric Barton, Travis Buck, Bobby Crosby and Rajai Davis will start tearing up the league but of they ever do, this team will be in good shape…for this season and the future. 
11. St. Louis Cardinals
12. Atlanta Braves
13. Florida Marlins
14. Tampa Bay Rays
15. Toronto Blue Jays
16. Milwaukee Brewers
17. Detroit Tigers
18. Houston Astros
19. Chicago White Sox
20. Minnesota Twins
21. Seattle Mariners
22. Colorado Rockies
23. Cincinnati Reds
24. Kansas City Royals
25. Baltimore Orioles
26. San Diego Padres
27. Pittsburgh Pirates
28. San Francisco Giants
29. Texas Rangers
30. Washington Nationals