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Replay in Baseball?

Technically, there’s no need at all for umpires, officials or referees anymore. Think about it, every single play in every single sport could be called by people in the booth that have access to cameras from every conceivable angle. There’d be a perfectly uniform strike zone in baseball, no need to challenge plays in football and flawless foul calls in the NBA, time after time after time. Besides, all umpires, officials and referees ever do anymore is blow calls and get in the way of the plays on the field (or court). With modern technology, there’s really no need to quibble over plays. No matter whether people like it or not, that’s where professional sporting leagues will eventually end up in the future. Refs will be replaced by cameras and every single call will be perfect every single time. The next step after that is to create robots to replace the athletes. Then we’ll truly have a perfect game….(sarcasm).

I’m actually against the idea of using replay in baseball. The pace of the game is not suited for review like it is in football and basketball and baseball has gotten by just fine without it for the past 100 years or so. By talking about it, we’re doing exactly what the Bud Selig’s of the world want us to do…a blown call = free press…and I’m sure you’re familiar with the old saying…”there is no such thing as bad press” or “all press is good press” or whatever it is… I’m sure you get the idea. The suits in charge of NCAA Division I Football share that same mentality. Why would they want to institute a playoff system and lose all of that controversy?…all of that free press that the College Bowl season always generates? It’s the same thing for baseball but on a smaller scale. They’d rather have the media talking about a blown call than not talking about them at all.

As for the question of what would happen if an ump blew a call during the World Series or playoffs??…nothing. Life would pull through. I’m sure there’s been plenty of blown calls in playoff games over the years (before they even had cameras) but no one remembers them. Even though MLB teams are multi-million dollar enterprises, they are still just playing a game (that very few adults and mostly children play) and are essentially providing “family entertainment” for the public no matter how hard that is for we stat-heads to accept.